• Lucy buried her head in his mane to hide from his face.
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  • Once your spouse makes a smart remark, the stakes can escalate until you reach for the knife rack and win the argument. Sturgis became rooted to the deck as he spotted the Colt forty-five automatic, complete with silencer, that had suddenly materialized in Pitt's right hand.
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  • The Movie ‘A Bugs Life’ was filmed entirely in Gary Busey’s left eyebrow.

    Gary Busey can suck the Green out of a Traffic Light.

    Gary Busey can smell colors.

    Gary Busey once sued Van Damme. ‘Bloodsport’ was the proposed name of his cooking show.

    Gary Busey organizes his files by hatred.

    Gary Buseys favorite hiding spot is your soul.

    Gary Busey pwns l33tz.

    Gary Busey has almost figured out teleportation. So far he can teleport his mind and teeth anywhere in the 615 areacode.

    Gary Busey can out un a Cheetah.

    Gary Busey can stop a blender by simply looking at it.

    Gary Busey owns a shoelace factory in the Kreb Nebula.

    Gary Busey’s testicles are named Snap, Crackle and Joe.

    Gary Busey got an Oscar nod for his work as the Tricycle Puppet in Saw.

    Gary Busey has Spaceball 1 parked in his garage.

    Gary Busey taught Rabbits everything they know.

    Gary Busey doesn’t have a FaceBook page. He has a MandibularNecronomicon page.

    Gary Busey’s top 8 are Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, and every character from Duck Tales.

    Gary Busey has Interstellar contacts.

    Gary Busey was told Point Break was a documentary.

    Gary Buseys dentist has seen true fear.

    Gary Busey’s ringtone is dyslexic.

    Gary Busey invented inventing.

    If you look close enough, Busey is in every Saved by the Bell episode.

    Gary Busey framed Roger Rabbit.

    Rubiks has nothing on the Busey Cube.

    Gary Busey will disrespect every item in your house.

    Gary Busey started the whole biting the umbilical cord thing, after his pet Unicorn jumped over the moon.

    Gary Busey once bit a man through voicemail.

    Gary Busey can diagram Spaghetti.

    Gary Busey was the chief engineer on the Inspector Gadget Project.

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